Thursday, September 23, 2010

Play Ball

It is Fall Ball time!! Both kids are finally old enough to play T-ball and their first practice was Tuesday night. Tuesday they were both super excited before and after practice. They were able to practice fielding a ball, swinging a bat, running to 1st base and throwing.
Alexis fielding the ball. The look on her face says she means business!!

Time to practice batting. I have to admit I was really surprised at how well Alexis paid attention and listened to all of the coaches. She really did well!! Zach was very reserved during the whole practice. I could tell he was just taking it all in.

Listening and following thru with what the coach was telling them about swinging a bat.

Swing buddy!!

I think the mouth wide open helped her swing better.

The tongue helped this time:)

He has such a delicate swing.

There we go, a nice good swing. And a smile on his face.

This coach was talking to them about running to 1st base. He took the time to run with each child all the way down to 1st.

Zach chasing him:) Zach may not hit the ball super hard, but I am sure he will out run it. He is fast!!

So, running is not Alexis' best quality:) She tried hard though so that was good.

Now time to work on throwing. This coach was really good with the kids. He was funny and very encouraging. I really liked that.

I think lifting the leg helps with the throw!!

See it worked for Alexis too.

Showing Zach the technique to throwing.

Look a glove that doubles as a hat.

She was serious about catching the ball!!

Oh look, there is another hat.

So, our first game is this Saturday. Right now we only have two T-Ball teams in our league so they will play each other this week. I am sure it will be a lot of organized kaos. But hopefully the kids will have fun, learn alot and begin to love the sport. I am looking forward to it.

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