Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Party 2010

We celebrated the kids birthdays this past weekend. Despite the wind, it turned out to be a beautiful day. Sandy Bottom Park is such a beautiful area in the fall!!
Just looking at Alexis' hair you can see how bad the wind was blowing. We ended up not being able to set out a lot of the decorations and decided against the arts and craft project. But it was still alot of fun!!

This little fellow was not on the guest list, but he sure did enjoy the chips.

Nicole was my party planner for the day:) She does such an awesome job!! She had two games for the kids to play. The first the kids had to soak up water with a sponge and squeeze it into another bucket. Suprisingly, it was really a tie:)

It was the girls against the boys.

The next game the kids had to carry a fresh egg (not hard boiled) on a spoon down and around a bucket and back to the next person in line. The suprising thing was that not a single egg was broken or even cracked.

And that was even after little Ms. Grace kept dropping her egg!!

After games we came back to the table for cake and presents. Boy did the candles on the cake prove to be a challenge. My fingers were burning from trying to get them lit.

We used a box and my hands just to keep them lit long enough for them each to blow them out.

This is Alyssa. You may remember May 2009 I took her mommy and daddys pictures while they were still pregnant. Well, her she is at 16 months old. She is such a sweet angel.

And this is Magen and I:) My Best Friend and Alyssa's mommy!

Since they were down here from Maryland for the party, one of the things they asked me to do was take a family photo for them. Such a beautiful family!!
After all of our guests were gone, the kids spent a little time playing on the playground. Here they are sitting on a truck that is on a spring that you rock back and forth on. They laughed the whole time. I just love when they laugh:)

Look at this little devilish grin!

Such a sweet smile.

I am not sure what he was trying to do here, but it doesnt look comfortable.

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