Monday, July 26, 2010

New York Part 2

WOW!! Only 6 weeks later, but finally Part 2 of our New York Trip.
The second Play Day was spent at the Long Island Game Farm. I have to admit I really wasnt sure what we were getting ourselves into as we walked up to the gate, but I was pleasantly surprised once we got in. This place was like Blue Bird Gap Farm, but NY style (and expense I might add). It was literally 5 minutes from my SIL's house, but very big and a good variety of animals. I must have passed it a half dozen times driving around their area, and never even noticed it.

Our first stop...feed the deer!! Thats right. We were inside the fences surrounded by hungry deer. The kids absolutely loved it. They thought it was so cool.

And boy were the deers HUNGRY!!

Zack was a little nervous at first, but warmed right up to it.

Hey, who does this look like?

Aunt Gwen handed out the food to the kids. They probably would have gone through the whole cup if we would have let them.

For weeks before we went to NY Alexis had been asking to ride a horse. The funny thing was there is a horse stable right across the Game Farm that offered rides, but after calling I quickly erased that idea out of our plans. It was $50 for a 30 minute ride!!

But for $5 the kids were able to ride the pony at the Game Farm:) That made my wallet very happy!! And the kids too!!

She is so sweet:)

Zack's turn. And he was just as happy as Alexis.

My little handsome man:)

The next feeding area were the Baby Goats. They were so cute. For I believe $3 you could purchase a bottle to feed the babies. So, of course we did.
As soon as they handed you the bottle the goats basically attacked you.

Both bottles were empty in a matter of minutes.

So we just stayed and played for awhile. Alexis looks like she is talking to them in this picture. It is as if she was trying to gather them up and lead them somewhere.

This by far is the sweetest picture. It looks as if the baby goat is telling Alexis all of its secrets. Just a sweet moment:) I can really see Alexis working with animals when she gets older.

And while Alexis is playing with all of the animals, Zack is on the other side digging in the dirt with a rock. And to think, I actually wondered why I had so many rocks in my bags when we got home:)


I was really trying to get the Ostrich to stick its head through the fence so I could get this picture. Oh well, close enough.

Here they are trying to feed the Ostrich. Some of the animals had these long tubes leading to the cage that still allowed you to feed the animal, but also keep a safe distance from them.

This sheep almost jumped out trying to get to our cup of food.

The next few are taken during the Dog Show that we watched, but I wasnt really supposed to be taking pictures. They said no photography. I guess some rules are made to be broken.

They even had a few rides in the Farm. The kids liked the train although Zack was mad because Alexis sat on the side that could control the bell.

Alexis with the baby ducks. See, I told you she loves animals!!

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